The results of the initial correspondence stage Of the 4th International Festival «INCLUSIVE ART» «Human dignity is in our creativity» Yekaterinburg 2020

This year of 2020 has already accepted 274 applications to participate in the Festival. That’s 68 applications more than in 2018.

The number of teams willing to participate in the Festival also increased – from 123 in 2018 to 193 in 2020.

The previous Festival was held in 5 main directions: choreography, vocal-instrumental performance, theatrical art and artistic expression, visual art, mastership of inclusion. This year we added a new direction of «Original Genre», which includes for instance sign singing, circus art, artistic acrobatics, theatre of fashion, etc. This new direction pays compliment to 11 applications already.

In 2020 the correspondence stage united 8 countries, 24 regions of the Russian Federation and 28 municipalities of the Sverdlovsk region. Geography of the “Inclusive Art” Festival is more widely represented now, as new regions have joined: Leningrad, Murmansk, Irkutsk, Kemerovo, Voronezh, Novosibirsk regions, Mordovia and Udmurtia.

Compared to the previous Festival, there are a lot of new applications from small towns and villages.

Sverdlovsk region and its neighbors – Kurgan and Chelyabinsk regions - are traditionally well represented.

Regrettably, there are fewer foreign participants this year. Last time we got 10 countries more. This year we welcome 8 of them, including the host country: Russia, Belorussia, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Armenia, Germany, Ukraine, Georgia. We are waiting for one more promised application from Norway.

Not even one direction lacks its participants. Choreography received the biggest number of applications (84 in total). Vocal-instrumental performance (71 applications) and theatrical art (57 applications) follow.
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